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by Thursday, July 27, 2017

We’ve seen this trend going on for a while now but just as the stripes this trend not going yet

. And to be honest it does make me very happy. Floral prints lighten up a gray day or make a sunlit day more fun. It makes your look play full and young.  And with the temperatures rising higher and higher, we love to wear some summery sunny floral print clothes. And good for us it’s it’s still very fashionable to wear this print!

Your favorite floral print fashion item is a real eye catcher, but combining it with different floral prints is a go to look this summer. Either you combine a busy print with or you go for a more subtle look with sewed on embroidery flowers, it’s all possible.

It’s not only suitable for clothing items but also shoes and bags. The fashion House Dolce & Gabanna gives you the opportunity to have your own Dior bag painted with a custom floral design. So that makes us very HAPPY!

The finishing touches to a personalised #DGSicily bag, the perfect gift idea for our #DGWomen

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